Installing Astro Turf – Your Lawns Remain New Forever

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Installing Astro Turf – Your Lawns Remain New Forever

Your magnificent Victorian style home might overshadow everything and bring pleasure to your life. Its tallness, elegance, archaic beauty and excellent d├ęcor probably makes all the onlookers jealous and hungry for more. But, all of this will be put into the background and dismissed if your lawn is anything put perfect. The house might be centuries old and still put together, but if the lawn in front does not retain its charm like the house, all its glory and beauty bites the dust. The onlookers will be commenting about the shoddy, pale and unkept lawn and stop flaunting over your hard-earned beauty. Hence, the maintenance of your lawn as well as your house is important for a better image. But, having already spent a lot of money on refurnishing and renovating the house, to spend even more on implanting the best healthy grass and maintaining it is a lot of effort. It also has regular needs like shortening, removal of weeds, implantation again in case of poisonous bugs or hares, watering every day, etc. This is indeed a lot of effort. So, is there any shortcut? A way that helps you maintain your lawn with just a few bucks?

The splendidness of astro turf

Astro turf or artificial turf is a synthetic playing turf. It is the optimum solution for lawn management as it shortens your water Astro Turf Installationconsumption, and gifts you with healthy grass all year around which does need to be cut, watered, or checked on. The advantages are:

  • Low maintenance: No lawn to be taken care of. No need to invest money on lawn mowers.
  • Child safe: The safe, hard wearing materials used to prepare astro turf are completely child proof.
  • Pet friendly: It is also pet proof
  • The lack of muddy feet footprints and the hours spent to try to clean them will be a well appreciated relief.
  • It offers a low monthly payments with zero percent finance (terms and conditions apply). This option allows the consumer to divide the cost over six or twelve months with only a twenty percent deposit.

To buy anything, we need to first check its warranty. Astro turf offers a ten-year manufacturer warranty. This helps you to exchange your lawn in case of any difficulties.

The steps for installation

With a few clicks, your application will be sent, and you will receive an immediate response. It is a three-step process:

  1. Request for a quote: You need to call the supplier and invite them to look at your installation place. If it is suitable and sustainable, they will wave a green signal. They will then give you some free samples and present you with a quotation for your new lawn.
  2. You need to apply online and if you want to make use of the zero-finance option for optimum benefits, just contact the necessary personnel and you will be signing off an application in five minutes.
  3. Once you have deposited the money, book a date that is comfortable with you and the application will be confirmed for installation.

Places of Use

Astro turf is widely used in homes but is certainly not restricted to it. It is used both at homes and at schools or offices.

  • At homes: The ultra-realistic astro turf is generally used in places where traditional lawns are unsuited to plant and maintain like small, uneven, shaded regions which are unsuited for plant growth. Astro turf can be installed at any kind of place. We need not worry about worn out grass anymore. This type of turf is also highly beneficial for golf players where it might take a lot of years for the grass to grow over huge patches of land to even remotely create a golf course.
  • For commercial services like schools and universities, where maintenance of grounds is extremely difficult due to the games kids play and football grounds that are regularly trodden upon, astro turf is again dragged back into the limelight.

Many people hesitate to install astro turf as they perceive it as fake grass, which may look cheap and falls out over a few months. The extraordinary technology in this century enables the production of soft and realistic grass that holds out for many years.

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